Step 4 - Prepare


Hearing Prep


You will learn:


             1.  Which forms to file.
             2.  About the first court meeting.
             3.  About mediation.


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1.  Forms


Forms Kit


A packet with all the basic forms you need.


Individual Forms


1.  Certificate of Compliance - JDF 1104
  • PDF Fillable   |   WORD
  • Let the Judge know you exchanged financial paperwork.


2.  Sworn Financial Statement - JDF 1111


3.  Financial Supporting Schedules - JDF 1111SS
  • PDF Fillable   |   WORD
  • Use as needed.
  • Support your Sworn Financial Statement.


4.  Separation Agreement - JDF 1115


5.  Final Separation Decree - JDF 1116


6.  Certification of Mediation Compliance - JDF 1337



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Learn More  –  Filling Out Forms


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2.  Terms




  • Parties exchange information with each other.
  • You use this information to present your case to the Judge.




A term referring to the Petitioner and the Respondent together.


File & Serve


A phrase meaning you file the document to the court and give a copy to the other parties.


Temporary Orders Hearing


A hearing where the Judge may:

  • Set the spousal support payment.

These orders will last until the final decision is made.



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3.  Status Conference


What is this?


At the Initial Status Conference:
  • A Court Facilitator will review the status of your case.
  • The Court may order you to go to mediation.
  • The Court may schedule a Temporary Orders Hearing at this time.


When is it?


Within 42 days from the start of the case.

Look at the Case Management Order or Notice of Initial Status Conference.  These documents will have:

  • Either the time and location of the hearing.  Or,
  • Information on how to schedule the conference.


Who goes?


  • The parties will meet with a Judge or a Family Court Facilitator.


What do I bring?


File & serve these forms and bring a copy to the Conference:
  • Certificate of Compliance - JDF 1104.

    • Note - Do not file any of the attachments.

  • Sworn Financial Statement - JDF 1111 SC.

  • Separation Agreement - JDF1115

    • Note - Only if it is completed by both parties.



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5.  Go to Mediation


  Find a Mediator


When you finish, file & serve:
  • Certification of Mediation Compliance - JDF 1337
  • Separation Agreement - JDF 1115


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Learn More  –  Mediation & ADR


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