Learn More - Personal Service

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You will learn:          


             1.  What personal service is.
             2.  How personal service is done.
             3.  The proof of service form.
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1.  Background Video



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2.  Terms


Personal Service


Someone (not you) must formally give the starting paperwork to the other named parties in the case.


Process Server


The person who delivers the paperwork.  It may be

  • The County Sherriff,
  • A professional process server, or
  • Any adult not involved in the case.




A type of document that has sworn facts.


Case Caption


The boxed information at the top of the 1st page of every form.



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3.  Who can be a Process Server?


You cannot be the one to deliver the paperwork.


Here are three choices:


   1.  The Sheriff's Department (fee)
  • The fee may be waived if you are a survivor of:
    • Domestic violence,
    • Sexual assault, or
    • Stalking.


   2.  A Private Process Server (fee)


   3.  Someone Else
  • They must be over 18 years old.
  • They cannot be involved in the case.


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4.  Form


Return of Service Forms
Case Type
Form Number
CustodyJDF 1414(b):     PDF     |     WORD
Divorce, MarriageJDF 1102(b):     PDF     |     WORD
Divorce, Civil UnionJDF 1251(b):     PDF     |     WORD
Annulment, MarriageJDF 1602(b):     PDF     |     WORD
Annulment, Civil UnionJDF 1262(b):     PDF     |     WORD
PaternityJDF 1502(b):     PDF     |     WORD
Disclaim PaternityJDF 1515(b):     PDF     |     WORD
Foreign DecreeJDF 1222(b):     PDF     |     WORD



What do I fill out?


Just fill out the case caption of the Return of Service.


What do I give the process server?


1.  The set of initial paperwork:
  • Petition
  • Summons, and
  • Case Information Sheet.


2.  The Return of Service Form


What will the process server do?


  1. Formally deliver the paperwork.
  2. Fill out the Return of Service form.
  3. Give the complete form back to you.



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5.  File the Form


File the completed Return of Service by:

  • Mail
  • Deliver to the clerk's office, or
  • Efile (only available in certain counties).