Evict a person

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open red mailbox with letter showing final notice


Process Overview


      Step 1

           Notify Tenant

                  The Landlord lets the Tenant know:
                  •  How they are in violation.
                  •  If end of rental period and no renewal.
                  •  How much in back rent they may owe.

       Step 2


                  •  Landlord starts the case.


      Step 3

           Tenant Response

                  • Tenant responds to the case.


      Step 4


                  •  The landlord and tenant present their case to the Judge.
                  •  The Judge makes a final decision.


      Step 5

           Enforcement (if needed)

                  •  The landlord gets the Sheriff remove the tenant.


After the Final Decision


Learn how and when you can:


  • Have a higher court review the Final Decision.