Permanent Change

Submitted by _Jacqui_Marro

Process Overview


       Step 1


                  •  Learn what can be changed and when.


        Step 2


                  •  One or both parents request a change. 
                  •  The case is reopened.


       Step 3


                  •  If only one parent requests a change, the other parent responds.
                  •  Skip if you filed together.



Wait for the Court.

  • The court may decide the request (case closed). Or,
  • The court may order mediation or schedule a hearing (go to Step 4).



        Step 4


                  •  The parents get ready for a hearing.
                  •  The parents may go to mediation.


       Step 5


                  •  The parents present information to the Judge.
                  •  The Judge makes a final decision.


After the Final Decision


Learn how and when you can:


  • Get the other parent to follow the Final Decision.



  • Change the Final Decision.
  • Note - You may need to wait two years before the court will consider another change.



  • Have a higher court review the Final Decision.